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My interest in string instruments began at a young age when I started lessons on the viola. On a visit to my local luthier a fascination for violin making emerged and has stayed with me ever since.

During my studies at Edinburgh University I made up my mind to pursue a career in the violin world and subsequently trained at the Newark School of Violin Making.

On graduating in 2012 I moved to London and honed my craft under the watchful eye of Michael Byrd and John Dilworth, whilst also gaining invaluable experience in the workshop of J.P. Guivier. During this time I was not only able to learn from some of the finest craftsmen in the business, but also to work on instruments of the highest quality from the 16th Century right up to the modern day.

In 2017 I moved back to Edinburgh to set up my own workshop in a city with a fine tradition of violin making dating back centuries.

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